Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Hampshire Union Leader: Communism Killed 100 Million

In one of the most startlingly on-target and clear-headed articles I've ever seen in the MSM, the New Hampshire Union Leader shows the world just what the journalism profession could be like if it hadn't been taken over by crypto-Marxists:

Silenced no more: Communism still claims victims

COMMUNISM, crusher of the human spirit and killer of 100 million people, did not collapse into the rubble of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago. It limps along, fed by blood shed decades ago and today.

On Tuesday President Bush dedicated the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington, D.C. His speech, a reminder of communism's human toll, is reprinted on the opposite page. His warning -- that we must always stand against the forces of totalitarianism, whatever form they take -- bears heeding.

The West's victory over Communist tyranny is not complete. Victims of the red menace still cry out for rescue. Dissidents languish in Chinese gulags right now. North Koreans starve as their "dear leader" watches Hollywood action films. Vietnamese who dare challenge the government face harassment and arrest. Terrified Cubans still drown trying to escape the clutches of an island despot. And in Venezuela a dictator in training is quickly collectivizing the economy and silencing and imprisoning his political opponents.

And of course, on university campuses across the West, students are taught that communism is the purest, best form of government and one to which we all should aspire.

Believers in individual liberty still have work to do to weaken the grip of this toxic ideology. It is not enough to remember the tens of millions of victims. We must continue to speak out against the evils of totalitarian collectivism and stand up to its aggression.
Wow! Compare this lightning bolt of truth to the murky moral relativism pumped out by the New York Times on a daily basis.

The newspaper industry wouldn't be going down the toilet if every "journalist" wrote like this.