Monday, June 11, 2007

The Defenestration of Gaza

In 1618, the Czechs settled their political differences by hurling each other out of the window, an incident now called "The Defenestration of Prague."

We in the West like to think we've moved past the defenestration stage of political debate.

Not so in Gaza.

In fact, the Gazans have taken it to the next level, and are now settling their domestic disputes by hurling each other off the roof.

Windows? That's for amateurs.

Militants throw rivals off high-rise Gaza buildings

GAZA CITY (AP) -- Rival Palestinian forces clashed in Gaza on Sunday, killing two militants by throwing them out of high-rise buildings.

Hamas militants kidnapped an officer in a Fatah-linked security force, took him to the roof of a 15-story apartment building and threw him off. Mohammed Sweirki, 25, from the Presidential Guard of President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah, was killed in the plunge.