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Video Excerpts From Daniel Pipes' Lecture At Wayne State University

The following videos are excerpts from Dr. Daniel Pipes' lecture at Wayne State University on October 8, 2007 (with the exception of the last clip which shows people talking before the event).
Unfortunately, you will see how rude, disrespectful, childish, and offensive certain members of the crowd behaved. This is certainly not acceptable conduct for University students or non-student visitors to campus (like Anti-Racist Action member Mike Staunch who was so disruptive he was ejected from the auditorium- see first clip).

Audience does not like Dr. Pipes' take on the relationship between Islam and slavery:

Pipes tells a protester that she should learn history, instead of dismissing it as inconsequential:

Wayne State students talking before the Pipes lecture express support for the terrorist group Hizbullah:

Please post, discuss, and distribute these important videos. You are also free to use the pictures from anti-Pipes protests at Wayne State and the University of Michigan which can be found here:

Hamsters Overheat, Nation Paralyzed

Charles dropped in to give an explanation for the sudden disappearance of LGF today:

"Something's wrong with the LGF web server -- we're working on it. It's overheating, which means it probably blew a fan..."

Predicted resuscitation time: a coupla hours, give or take.

Meanwhile, most of the editorial newsrooms at Fox, Reuters, CBS and the Washington Post are left completely flummoxed, as their primary source for "tips" is mysteriously absent.

Will this evening's news broadcasts be cancelled?

Dont worry, Jimmah says its not technically genocide

Sudan: Darfur Attack 'Targeted Women And Children'

"The recent attack on Muhajiriya town in South Darfur, in which 45 people died and thousands fled their homes, mainly targeted women, children and the elderly, a rebel faction said.

"The government moved forces into the town two days earlier," Mohammed Bashir, spokesman for the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA), said from Khartoum, the capital. "With air cover, they attacked the town, burnt down half of it and killed mainly children, women and the elderly."

The Sudanese army denied involvement in the 8 October attack, saying violence in Muhajiriya was a result of "tribal fighting between the citizens of the area".
Amnesty International said the attack was supported by an Antonov, which had been painted in white UN colours. Since 2005, Sudan has been prohibited from offensive flights over Darfur and has been criticised for painting aircraft white, it said."

Waiting to hear from the UN and Jimmah on this one.

They hate us, they really really hate us!

The attitude,opinions & knowledge of Europeans towards Americans.
Part one of Six