Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last Christmas for Hannah Faith

There's the link to Chris Muir's "Day by Day", and to the explanation about Hannah's brain-devouring disease and how YOU can help Hannah feel some joy these last few days of her life!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Ragged, Rising Storm

We here have no special divinely-guided foresight or unique forewarning… we just scrape our brains every now and then when we need it.

And this presidential election cycle has been most needful of it! Replete, over-flowing, rampant, stuffed to the gills… all across America… left, right and center…brain-scraping gurf, and we only have Citizen-Issue Spoons!

But the two lawsuits coming to critical junctures on or before December 2 of this year, in time to CHANGE the outcome of the Electoral College, deal with much more than simply whether or not Hussein Obama has sold Ice Cream to 40 Million Americans, or set up a minimally-expensive ‘Gotcha!’ to burn a small group of his detractors, who wanted him to show citizenship in America, as required by the United States Constitution.

No, these lawsuits (Keyes’ in California and Justice David Souter’s for the US Supreme Court) are about something much deeper, more profoundly disturbing and central to the lives of rational Americans, namely: whether America will continue to be a nation based on law, respect for the law, equal rights and equal responsibilities before the law?

Or will America choose (is America CHOOSING, right now?) to drift into rule by trickery, subterfuge, spin, hype, bloviation and coordinated lies and half-truths propagated by a wide range of entrenched orthodoxies calling themselves News Media?

For with any law-oriented outcome in either of the lawsuits demanding Mr Obama show documentary proof not only that he was BORN HERE, in America, but that Mr Obama did not acquire Indonesian citizenship as a minor, and hence lose his American citizenship at that time- Mr Obama (and his visible and less-visible supporters and sponsors) would be rather greatly inconvenienced by any ruling that does not allow him, under American law, to serve as president.

Greatly inconvenienced is hardly the word… and the Ice-Cream Third-Graders, all over 21, who voted him in would feel greatly embarrassed, frustrated, angry and victimized. They would feel deprived of their Ice Cream.

Because of these foreseeable outcomes, it is easy to surmise that much pressure is being brought to bear on the court justices hearing these arguments and making decisions, ostensibly in accord with Constitutional law, by December 2nd, that their decisions might somehow gloss over Mr Obama’s Kenyan birth, or his underage mother’s lack of sufficient time in America to bestow upon him legal citizenship, or his stepfather’s loving efforts to get Obama-the-Youth into a Jakarta school and therefore Obama’s acquired Indonesian citizenship.

Maybe the courts will find that, sure enough, Mr Obama has failed to demonstrate his American citizenship, and one or the other of the courts will rule that Mr Obama is ineligible to serve as president… only to have that ruling NOT publicized in ANY American newsprint paper and NOT ONCE spoken of on Mainstream (legacy) Media or Cable TV or any medium except the Internet and the blogosphere…

Then what? It’s Friday, December 5th, and Mr Obama has been found ineligible to serve as president, but nobody can be found to serve papers on him to step aside, and nobody outside of a tiny portion of the blogosphere knows of the ruling… what can be done?

Are YOU going to hand out copies of the District Court ruling, stuff them into the hands of laughing delegates to the Electoral College as they convene to vote? Will YOU raise your voice to go against the speeding train of ‘America’s First Black President’? Will YOU risk everything in order to re-establish government of the people, by the people and for the people BY LAW?

Because if you DON’T, if you are willing to go along with non-Americans ‘ruling’ America… If you are willing to let US troops (NOT the National Guard) be stationed INSIDE America… if you’re willing to work 10 hours a day for 5.2 hours’ pay so that your earnings can be ‘redistributed’ to people unwilling to WORK for their OWN wealth…

If you are willing to accept these and other indignities, then you will get the tyranny you so richly deserve, and will learn to lickspittle from the boots of your masters, marching off to Sensitivity Training to learn how to criticize yourself before a tribunal of your betters, your peers, your comrades… and it still will not save you.

Mr Obama’s friend William Ayers agrees that Obama’s government may have to eliminate (kill) upward of 25 MILLION PEOPLE in America, to get rid of the obstructionists and anti-government racists and other intelligentsia and ne’er-do-wells and holdouts and rednecks and homos and Jews and Bible-thumpers and Pope-lovers and Polacks and Baha’is and all the other ignorant, racist jerks who just don’t want to cooperate with America’s new masters!

Leave a comment or better yet, take the time to LEARN of Justice Souter’s decision and the outcome of the Keyes lawsuit and take them to your local newspaper and a television station near you and courteously DEMAND that they take this news to the citizens of a law-abiding America!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Spoonful of Medicine Makes the Sugar Go Down!

Mr Obama's continued refusal to legitimize his claim to be Constitutionally qualified to serve as America's president is STILL a problem for Americans, no matter how well-meaning and supportive we want to be.

Check this out!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Celebrate Victory in Iraq! Nov 22

Join me in celebrating America's victory over al-Qaeda! Join in celebrating Iraq's victory over terrorism and terrorists!

Join in the celebration of Victory in Iraq Day! November 22!

Details behind these headlines can be found at

and a short, upbeat MP3 can be Right-clicked and Saved as... so you can share with others!

We, the People, declare November 22 "Victory in Iraq Day!"

Friday, August 15, 2008

Iran Considers Murdering Nobel Prize-Winner!

An Asia News report indicates that Iran is considering murdering Nobel Prize winner Shirin Ebadi.

Because she believes Jesus IS the Christ, come in Sonship and Divinity; and believes Christ has returned in the Glory of God!

Iran can't have any of THAT nonsense! The Qaim has come? The al-Mahdi has come in the Glory of God? And He forbids the power-hungry, racist elitism so favored by Muslim clerics?

Oh, no! We'll have none of THAT in Iran!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Defending Obama

I have a friend, executive type, VERY capable, and she's a native Kenyan, now back living in Nairobi sparkplugging an air-charter company for cargo and clients. She's very enthusiastic about Obama, and her enthusiasm was catching, so I set out to argue Obama's case, promote him, speak well of him, and started a list of good things about Obama.

First of all, there's the abundance of Dark Cloud Dispersion that follows Obama everywhere, and the leveling of seas and the cooling of the polar ice-caps when he needs it. Or their warming, as need be. Obama's rainbows make it easy for me to practice the Om Mane Padme Hum of Obama-Life and chant quietly, "See, Say Pwethay!"

Above that, there is the rational feminine pulchritude and the response of women at Obama's rallies and speeches, who logically insist that their hearts go pitty-pat and their thighs tingle. Its a level-headed, passionate and unrehearsed reaction to Obama's Plans for Hopeful Change. Hopeful women hear his plans and then realize they must change, their knickers and all, twisted or knot!

Better than that is Obama's effect on the sharp, hard-boiled reporters of our nations media. They grin and blush and ask Obama questions that Obama can answer without taking his eyes from the teleprompter! This is amazing! These brave, level-headed men and women KNOW HOW TO ASK the tough questions Americans need to make an informed decision, and by golly, those journalists and reporters KNOW the questions that need asking! And if they ask, Obama shifts gears and reminds them that 'we can CHANGE!' The reporters KNOW to avoid asking questions that might reflect poorly on Obama's principles, his vision or his cognitive ability. We must be Perfectly Clear, hey?

Further up the list is Obama's outreach to America in words such as 'never', 'the worst' and 'the most'... He has a knack for verbal spin, each little phrase a gyroscope toddling along a thread of not-really-Marxist better-than-Marxist social justice, which Obama and Michelle will impose on us for our own good, all ten years of his presidency. Or nine, whatever, but I never need to doubt that Obama is the one to 'fix' these 'worst' problems, Obama is the one Hillary's waiting for in Denver.

Just below middle on this list of attributes and characteristics that make Obama a force to be reckoned with is his ability to spend 20 years in a racist, 'black' theology church with an obviously hateful, bitter white man pretending to be black while he shouts 'God DAMN America!' and yet Obama WAS NOT INFLUENCED even a little bit. Honest. And Obama's life-long, unreconstructed bomb-using anti-American friends? Wow, what a guy! He supports ACORN without being a nut!

Just above middle in my list of things I'm trying to support in Obama is Michelle, his wife. Golly, she is a real piece of stuff, isn't she?

“Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.”
I mean, there it is, right? Michelle has figured it all out, seen that all of us are 'uninformed, uninvolved'; she saw right through 280 million American adults' hypocritical denial and phony productivity and self-reliant personal responsibility and she's going to be sure Obama DEMANDS and REQUIRES us to get with his program! Or else!

A few positions from the GREATEST THING about Obama on my list, is Obama's assurance and virtual assumption of the American presidency already! Holy mackerel, Obama is practicing positive imaging, and he uses that fake 'presidential seal' and Obama's dismissive non-pledge of allegiance and revisionist change of American protocol even BEFORE being elected, that lets him NOT place his hand on his heart and NOT recite the Pledge, because 'everyone KNOWS' Obama is a good citizen, and can change America hopefully, even when lesser creatures sneer that 'Change and Hope is NOT a plan!'

Near the top of this list is Obama's removal of the American flag, Old Glory, from the tail of his campaign airplane! Hey, that is DECISIVE, and classy! Better than Old Glory is the Big Red O, now on the tail. Let the 'Story of O' begin! Obama is bigger and MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than America, can't you SEE?

Just below the number one position on this list of Obama's good points is his refusal to waste time visiting American troops in Germany. That is just, well, words fail me when I try to find descriptions of how much this should rock America's complacency! Obama didn't want to frustrate or upset those wounded troops by telling them of his "End the War in Iraq No Matter What!" plan to withdraw troops on a timetable known to all the world. Obama knows that some of those small-minded losers who enlisted because they had no other options would probably have knee-jerk reactions against such a bold appeasement, so he decisively avoided the whole problem. Obama will continue in this strong, bold manner in his role as Commander-in-Chief-Executive.

And the number one positive attribute is Obama's ability to speak the foreign language of the Muslims, taqqiyeh, the forked-tongue language noted by Native Americans as 'politician-speak'. Other politicians speak evasively on things like national security, top secrets and critical national defense, but Obama has the demonstrated ability to lie convincingly about, well, nearly everything.

These are Obama's good points. I'm studying ways to let everyone I know hear of these. America should KNOW before making that November Decision, eh?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hussein, Can You See?

Hussein, Can You See?

Hussein, can you see, to the media's delight
o'er the rambling bad talk
they're so callously skimming?

Missing swipes and light scars,
pitching softly-sweet lobs
Seeing nothing but good
in your um, ah, ad libbing?

And deep pockets drained bare
Jesse cutting your pair
Give proof through the fog
that you're simply NOT THERE!

Oy vey! Does your star-strangled
rhetoric yet stave
off the criticisms of the right
and the moans of the brave?

Frances De Tolkien Mule - circa 1951
Apologies to Francis Scott Key

Thursday, July 10, 2008

LGF submerges again after charging batteries on surface.

Exercises off the coast of Iran turned serious yesterday, when LGF forces defeated a volley of Iranian missiles. Knowledge of the photoshop technology behind the Iranian missile program enabled two submarines of the LGF Navy to knock down the incoming missiles. Simultaneously with the LGF forces' "Exercise Mahdi Gras", the Iranians mounted exercise "Step III: Great Prophet!."

Knowledgeable sources say that it is unusual for a pair of aging attack boats from the wrong side of the Iron Curtain to knock down any number of missiles, much less an entire PR blitz' worth. However, Seaman Beaumont said that as soon as he saw the missiles following a "magic lasso" profile, he knew exactly what to do: "I just fact-checked their asses. Suddenly, Poof! No more missiles."

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

If Obama Were Messiah

If you were a Messiah, Obama, you could lead with your words, your deeds and your actions.

You, Obama, would have an example promised to humankind in the Holy Bible, in the person of One, like unto the Son of Man. His coming May 22, 1844 was marked by the advent of the electronic age, yes, but the telegraph was yet too young to carry word of His glorious, meteor-like rise, His self-abnegation, His purity, His teachings and even too young to carry word of His mock trial and His execution before a hostile crowd of 10,000 on this date, July 9th, in the year 1850.

You, Obama, could show Americans the purity of heart, chaste virtue of character and complete humility that marked Him in His ministry, couldn't you?

And you, Obama, by the dynamic force of example, could release into the world a healing force so powerful, so unifying and so transforming that you, too, would calmly await being shot to death by 750 Armenian Christian riflemen, as He did, wouldn't you?

Because you, Obama, godlike in your wisdom, would recognize the transient, fleeting nature of this world and its riches, the cheap and worthless reality of worldly power and human vanity, and you could demonstrate publicly your disdain for these things, couldn't you?

Because if you were to do these actions, if you were to offer up your life for all humankind, then you, too, could withstand the first volley of 750 musket rounds at pointblank range, and have the rifle rounds cut the ropes restraining you, as the rifles did July 9th, 1850, wouldn't you?

And then, when the Muslim government called in a Muslim rifle regiment to do the dirty work that the Christian Armenian regiment had prayed fervently to be relieved of doing, God might answer YOUR prayers too, and when the guards came to your cell once again to bring you out before the gaze of 10,000 jeering onlookers, now grown silent from the miraculous nature of your first 'execution', why YOU would willingly let the Muslims hang you up to be shot to death yet another time...

As He was, there in Tabriz, Iran, July 9th, 1850.

And maybe your remains would have armed guards placed over them, to keep YOUR followers from retrieving them, at great personal risk, before dawn on the third day after your martyrdom, Obama...

But would YOUR mortal remains be taken to their final resting place and interred on God's holy mountain, Mount Carmel, in Haifa in the Holy Land?

Would YOU, Barack Obama, have the courage to even carry His message to Americans thirsty for the water of truth and hungry for REAL sustenance?

Would YOU, Barack Obama, have the personal integrity and authenticity to die for YOUR beliefs, as
The Bab did, July 9th 1850?

Grum P. Murrican

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Freedom Under Fire!

An excellent post on American freedoms, what they are and what we're protecting them against:

Freedom to THINK!

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Obama, Remember Their Efforts!

The South was attacking from the north, and the North was defending from the South, and the battle was in its third day when General Lee ordered Longstreet to send General Pettigrew's, General Trimble's and General Pickett's brigades into the Union center.

Approximately 12,500 men in nine infantry brigades advanced over open fields for three quarters of a mile under heavy Union artillery and rifle fire. Although some Confederates were able to breach the low stone wall that shielded many of the Union defenders, they could not maintain their hold and were repulsed with over 50% casualties, a decisive defeat that ended the three-day battle and Lee's campaign into Pennsylvania.[1] When asked, years afterward, why his charge at Gettysburg failed, General Pickett said: "I've always thought the Yankees had something to do with it

You DO recall reading of this, don't you Mr Obama? 12,500 men waiting out their own artillery barrage against the Union lines, then bravely marching out over the more than a mile of flat land leading up to the Union's lines... These were Americans -Confederate Americans, granted- who were fighting with all they could bring to bear, in order to win the right to have THEIR States be left alone to carry on enslaving other humans, mostly blacks, for commercial and racist purposes.

Before the nine brigades neared the Union lines, more than 20 Union batteries -unharmed by the Rebel barrage- opened fire at 400 yards range, with explosive shot and shell, ripping holes in the lines of advancing white men. At about 300 meters, the left of the line was getting hit with canister, cannon shot that sent out a 1-meter cloud of lead marbles, Obama, so that when that fast-moving cloud hit the Rebels, 3 or 4 men disappeared completely in a blast of bloody mist, and several more were injured.

Over 1,600 artillery shells were fired into the Confederate brigades that day, this day, years ago... the left of the line never got much closer to victory than several hundred meters (the strong fence at the Emmitsburg road) but the center of the line made it to The Angle (in the Union's defensive position) and there engaged the Union in ferocious, hand-to-hand, bayonet-in-the-gut, muzzle in the face fighting...

Until it became apparent to the Rebels that the Boys in Blue HAD been reinforced (8th Ohio and 72 Pennsylvania) and apparent that the Rebels had lost half their number AND there would be NO reinforcements coming...

Why is this important, you ask? Well, Mr Obama, those fierce, determined, brave and courageous white men REALLY WANTED TO WIN, for "States' Rights" and for slavery and for their own regimental colors and for honor...

But the Union ALSO wanted to win, and despite losses and despite the courage of the men attacking, the white men DEFENDING the Union WON the field, and history later marked July 3, 1863 as the high-water mark of the Confederacy.

The Union HAD to defeat the Confederacy in order to restore the Union, and the Confederacy had only to NOT LOSE in order to win, but the forces fighting for the principles of unity, harmony and the oneness of humankind WON the day. Slavery in America was defeated, although some Arabs around the world would continue it legally until the late 20th century and illicitly to this day.

That war, Mr Obama, was a defining moment in America's life. The grand American experiment stumbled through the horror and pain of fighting itself, 3 million 5 hundred thousand uniformed combatants, and 600,000 deaths, Obama.

Like others before them, they died for YOUR freedom. Honor them, and honor America in your efforts to lead America now, in THIS time of war.

Cross-posted at I Call BS!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sing a New Song, Mr Obama!

Dear Hussein Obama,
In America, the one nation in the world welded into unity by its bloody march through the hell-fire of the American Civil War, there is widespread knowledge of and respect for America's unity in diversity. Its a wonder, a miracle, an oddity that catches attention in all other nations: no matter WHO you are, no matter WHAT race you are, when you walk down off the airplane or ship or bus that brought you to America, YOU ARE American... unless and until YOU declare yourself otherwise, right Mr Obama?

So HOW can it be of benefit to anyone, black or white or brown or green, to sing a 'Black National Anthem' after agreeing to use the time and microphone and audience to sing "The National Anthem"?

Do YOU, Mr Obama, encourage or allow or tacitly agree with this? How can it possibly help anyone, black OR white?

What next, Mr Obama? Singing the Vietnamese-American's "National" anthem? How about the Moldavian Midgets' Metropolitan Anthem? You want to stand not-saluting the American flag while someone sings the Internationale Communist Workers' song?

Because once we pretend that its somehow all right to lift up this race or that race above AMERICA, we're all singing the "Let's Spit on the Sacrifices of Our Forebears" Blues, aren't we, Mr Obama?

And THAT SONG is in the key of dis-harmony, a slow dirge of pain and degradation!

Obama, We Hope for Change!

Dear Hussein Obama,
As you know from your studies of America and American history, the Democratic Party and American Democrats during the Civil War were calling for 'peace at any price', and were acting generally discourteously and often treasonously.

The American Civil War may have begun over 'States' Rights' (a state's right to continue ENSLAVING humans, mostly black humans), but it developed into a war ON slavery, institutional, theoretical and practical. Democrats demanding 'peace' at any price were pressing for debasement, defeat and continued slavery.

You are in a position today to take a principled stand FOR freedom, FOR responsible enlightenment and FOR personal rights here in America and for men and women enslaved by religious zealots in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

You can lead great numbers of American Democrats to support continued victories and continued positive developments in Iraq. You can build on the sacrifices and achievements that have come from America's efforts in the Middle East.

You can lead Democrats to change from self-victimizing, negative racists to America-loving, freedom-supporting rationalists, intent on securing for others the freedoms which we in America enjoy daily.

Surely THIS would be worthy of you, and worthy of the Americans who hope for such change? Don't repeat the scurrilous, treasonous efforts of Democrats in that earlier conflict... help Americans change to courageous, socialism-rejecting and cooperative individuals, confident in our ability to meet the challenges facing us, with strength, wisdom and courtesy.

You can change, hopefully, Mr Obama.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's 10PM in Japan--do you know where your hamsters are?

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Will Smith Did NOT Diss America

Will Smith says it here, but we've got the quote below.

WILL SMITH: You know I just, I just came back from Moscow, Berlin, London and Paris and it's the first, I've been there quite a few times in the past five to 10 years. And it just hasn't been a good thing to be American. And this is the first time, since Barack has gotten the nomination, that it, it was a good thing.

Granted, its clumsy, and CAN be interpreted as HE FEELS GOOD for the first time in 5-10 years...

But a closer look at the Movie Wunderkind's statement, while promoting Hancock, notices all the 'it's...

Will noticed that receptions for him in Moscow, Berlin, London and Paris were WARM AND POSITIVE... because of THEIR infatuation with Obama, not Smith's.

No BS here... watch Hancock, for fun.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Truce is declared. Rockets are fired. Israel stops supplying the enemy. Palis claim Israel broke the truce.

I would link but its an AP article. The usual Hamas cronies are claiming that since Israel closed down the crossing into Gaza after the latest rocket attack, that Israel has broken the truce agreement

Palis demand more

PRC: Shalit will not see light of day unless our demands are met

Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) spokesman Abu Mujahid told Ynet Wednesday that the demands posed by the groups holding IDF soldier Gilad Shalit
will not change and that "Israel must comply with our demands otherwise Shalit will
not see the light of day.

"We demand Israel comply with all of our demands. We demand the release of
the prisoners who were sentenced to long jail terms. Without their release,
Shalit will remain in our hands for many years to come," said Abu Mujahid.

DEMS: No Fried Foods at Convention

But Matt Burns, a spokesman for the Republican convention, looks on with undisguised glee at some of the Democrats' efforts -- such as the "lean 'n' green" catering guidelines.
Among them: No fried food. And, on the theory that nutritious food is more vibrant, each meal should include "at least three of the following colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple, and white." (Garnishes don't count.) At least 70% of ingredients should be organic or grown locally, to minimize emissions from fuel burned during transportation. "One would think," says Mr. Burns, "that the Democrats in Denver have bigger fish to bake -- they have ruled out frying already -- than mandating color-coordinated pretzel platters."
Democrats say the point is to build habits that will endure long after the convention. To that end, the city has staged "greening workshops" attended by hundreds of caterers, restaurant owners and hotel managers. "It's the new patriotism," Mayor Hickenlooper says.

LGF is down


Monday, June 23, 2008

Anglican Church heading towards major schizm

Archbishop of Canterbury's control over Anglicans 'is ending'

The Archbishop of Canterbury's control over the worldwide Anglican
Communion is ending as the balance of power shifts to developing countries,
according to a leading conservative.

The Rt Rev Robert Duncan, the Bishop of Pittsburgh, echoed the words of
other traditionalists who have warned this week that the church is
"disintegrating" and faces a historic split over homosexuality and same-sex

Speaking at a breakaway summit in Jerusalem, he said all Anglicans face
the choice of remaining true to Scripture or following liberals on a road to
"disunity and destruction".

Bishop Duncan claimed the "crisis" over sexuality called for a new
settlement of Anglicanism similar to that which formed the current church in the

Vote, You Racists!

Here's another open thread in case the hamsters take a long lunch.

Loose Change

LGF is down so here's an open thread..

UPDATE: Fauxbama drops his phony Presidential seal. Link!

but.. will Fauxbama take it off his website between page loads, that is the question...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Admit Defeat, Obama!

Hillarious the Hepster asked Barack the Obamanoid to step down, already!
(Right click on the link and "Save as..." to have your own MP3)

Thanks to IowaHawk!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

When you go your way and I go mine....

I'm gonna let you pass,
Yes, and I'll go last.
Then time will tell
just who has fell
And who's been left behind,
When you go your way and I go mine.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

At Yale, I Are a Art Stoont

Thanks to IowaHawk, here's the MP3 of "You CAN be an Art Student, at Yale!"


Your red scarf matches your eyes,
You close cover before striking,
Your father had the ship-fitter blues and
Loving you has made me bananas!

Graphic: One of Yale's famed 'artistes' bringing up 'art' for display.

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Friday and the Hamsters are Seething

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.
~Deuteronomy 30:19

Monday, April 14, 2008

The View from Above!

"But what has Barack Obama accomplished that entitles him to look down on his fellow Americans?"

Some cogent analysis by Kristol, in (of all places!) the New York Times...

It is very easy for persons of good will to 'give Obama the benefit of the doubt', and that IS a reasonable choice.

For ONE or, over a few months, TWO, mistrakes or mis-speaks or Hoofin-Mowf Disease symptoms...

With this San Francisco-billionaires revelation, however, persons of good will now have a PATTERN of racist, elitist disclosures indicating a deep, chronic and seriously infected human in Obama's case. One slip can be rationalized, but three or more ("typical white persons", "racist grandmother", "Reverend Wright is just fine" and now "bitter hillbillies") is prima facie evidence of SOME UNDERLYING PROBLEM which will NOT YIELD to rationalization.

These 'mis-speaks' are NOT 'mistakes', but THE HONEST REALITY of Obama. It is the feel-good 'hope' and 'change' and 'we can work together' that are false, obfuscating, MASKING and DIVERTING statements designed to cover up Obama's racist, Marxist agenda.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Voice of the Undead

Update: 13-4-165BE/2008CE: a clear recording of Obama's "Bitter Rednecks" fund-raising speech at Getty house:
Hat-Tip to the Ever-Present (Ever-Prescient?) Zombie, at Zomblog!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Great Leader Comrade Obama

Another great image from Urban Infidel, and a hearty Hat-Tip here!

This Obama reminds me of a Post Turtle.

Post Turtle.

You know, when you're driving along a country road? And see a turtle up on top one of the fence-posts?

Its clear that he didn't get up there by himself, and
now he's up there, ain't much he can do, and
all you really want to do is help the dumbass down!

Not a Pretty Picture

Obama... Above Americans in '08

Hat tip Urban Infidel for this one.

We were going to post the recording of Obama's most recent revelation, his revealing gaffe about those jobless, bitter whites of Ohio and Pennsylvania who cling to their religion, guns and racism...

Want catsup with that foot sandwich, Obama?

Fruitcup is on the buffet ----->


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Using a Subpoena to Bully and Club Different Opinions

We watch the law around here, and I want to be among the first to Call BS! on this obvious bullying tactic!

It could happen to you, Friend!

Zogby, Hillary's Dead Unless...

John Zogby, respected scientific pollster, discusses Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

With little change of tone, however, and in only a few carefully-chosen words, he describes the gaping wound now bleeding the Democrat Party, when he notes that, in order to win, it 'will have to heal some serious differences...'

And therein lieth the rub... The Democrat Party, thinking itself all-inclusive, has almost NO POWER TO HEAL...

Bottom line? McCain in 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Zombie Star is Born!

Kudos to Zombie, an intrepid photo-blogger whose photo-essays were for years hand-coded into the website

Now, however, Zombie has initiated a BLOG! Actually, its a ZomBlog! Click on over and leave a comment!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Who is Zakaria Botros, and why should you care?

Islam’s Public Enemy #1 - Zakaria Botros

Coptic priest Zakaria Botros fights fire with fire.
By Raymond Ibrahim

Though he is little known in the West, Coptic priest Zakaria Botros -- named Islam's "Public Enemy #1" by the Arabic newspaper, al-Insan al-Jadid -- has been making waves in the Islamic world. Along with fellow missionaries -- mostly Muslim converts -- he appears frequently on the Arabic channel al-Hayat (i.e., "Life TV"). There, he addresses controversial topics of theological significance -- free from the censorship imposed by Islamic authorities or self-imposed through fear of the zealous mobs who fulminated against the infamous cartoons of Mohammed. Botros's excurses on little-known but embarrassing aspects of Islamic law and tradition have become a thorn in the side of Islamic leaders throughout the Middle East.

Botros is an unusual figure onscreen: robed, with a huge cross around his neck, he sits with both the Koran and the Bible in easy reach. Egypt's Copts -- members of one of the oldest Christian communities in the Middle East -- have in many respects come to personify the demeaning Islamic institution of "dhimmitude" (which demands submissiveness from non-Muslims, in accordance with Koran 9:29). But the fiery Botros does not submit, and minces no words. He has famously made of Islam "ten demands," whose radical nature he uses to highlight Islam's own radical demands on non-Muslims.

The result? Mass conversions to Christianity -- if clandestine ones. The very public conversion of high-profile Italian journalist Magdi Allam -- who was baptized by Pope Benedict in Rome on Saturday -- is only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, Islamic cleric Ahmad al-Qatani stated on al-Jazeera TV a while back that some six million Muslims convert to Christianity annually, many of them persuaded by Botros's public ministry. More recently, al-Jazeera noted Life TV's "unprecedented evangelical raid" on the Muslim world. Several factors account for the Botros phenomenon.

First, the new media -- particularly satellite TV and the Internet (the main conduits for Life TV) -- have made it possible for questions about Islam to be made public without fear of reprisal. It is unprecedented to hear Muslims from around the Islamic world -- even from Saudi Arabia, where imported Bibles are confiscated and burned -- call into the show to argue with Botros and his colleagues, and sometimes, to accept Christ.

Secondly, Botros's broadcasts are in Arabic -- the language of some 200 million people, most of them Muslim. While several Western writers have published persuasive critiques of Islam, their arguments go largely unnoticed in the Islamic world. Botros's mastery of classical Arabic not only allows him to reach a broader audience, it enables him to delve deeply into the voluminous Arabic literature -- much of it untapped by Western writers who rely on translations -- and so report to the average Muslim on the discrepancies and affronts to moral common sense found within this vast corpus.

A third reason for Botros's success is that his polemical technique has proven irrefutable. Each of his episodes has a theme -- from the pressing to the esoteric -- often expressed as a question (e.g., "Is jihad an obligation for all Muslims?"; "Are women inferior to men in Islam?"; "Did Mohammed say that adulterous female monkeys should be stoned?" "Is drinking the urine of prophets salutary according to sharia?"). To answer the question, Botros meticulously quotes -- always careful to give sources and reference numbers -- from authoritative Islamic texts on the subject, starting from the Koran; then from the canonical sayings of the prophet -- the Hadith; and finally from the words of prominent Muslim theologians past and present -- the illustrious ulema.

Typically, Botros's presentation of the Islamic material is sufficiently detailed that the controversial topic is shown to be an airtight aspect of Islam. Yet, however convincing his proofs, Botros does not flatly conclude that, say, universal jihad or female inferiority are basic tenets of Islam. He treats the question as still open -- and humbly invites the ulema, the revered articulators of sharia law, to respond and show the error in his methodology. He does demand, however, that their response be based on "al-dalil we al-burhan," -- "evidence and proof," one of his frequent refrains -- not shout-downs or sophistry.

More often than not, the response from the ulema is deafening silence -- which has only made Botros and Life TV more enticing to Muslim viewers. The ulema who have publicly addressed Botros's conclusions often find themselves forced to agree with him -- which has led to some amusing (and embarrassing) moments on live Arabic TV.

Botros spent three years bringing to broad public attention a scandalous -- and authentic -- hadith stating that women should "breastfeed" strange men with whom they must spend any amount of time. A leading hadith scholar, Abd al-Muhdi, was confronted with this issue on the live talk show of popular Arabic host Hala Sirhan. Opting to be truthful, al-Muhdi confirmed that going through the motions of breastfeeding adult males is, according to sharia, a legitimate way of making married women "forbidden" to the men with whom they are forced into contact -- the logic being that, by being "breastfed," the men become like "sons" to the women and therefore can no longer have sexual designs on them.

To make matters worse, Ezzat Atiyya, head of the Hadith department at al-Azhar University -- Sunni Islam's most authoritative institution -- went so far as to issue a fatwa legitimatizing "Rida' al-Kibir" (sharia's term for "breastfeeding the adult"), which prompted such outrage in the Islamic world that it was subsequently recanted.

Botros played the key role in exposing this obscure and embarrassing issue and forcing the ulema to respond. Another guest on Hala Sirhan's show, Abd al-Fatah, slyly indicated that the entire controversy was instigated by Botros: "I know you all [fellow panelists] watch that channel and that priest and that none of you [pointing at Abd al-Muhdi] can ever respond to him, since he always documents his sources!"

Incapable of rebutting Botros, the only strategy left to the ulema (aside from a rumored $5-million bounty on his head) is to ignore him. When his name is brought up, they dismiss him as a troublemaking liar who is backed by -- who else? -- international "Jewry." They could easily refute his points, they insist, but will not deign to do so. That strategy may satisfy some Muslims, but others are demanding straightforward responses from the ulema.

The most dramatic example of this occurred on another famous show on the international station, Iqra. The host, Basma -- a conservative Muslim woman in full hijab -- asked two prominent ulema, including Sheikh Gamal Qutb, one-time grand mufti of al-Azhar University, to explain the legality of the Koranic verse (4:24) that permits men to freely copulate with captive women. She repeatedly asked: "According to sharia, is slave-sex still applicable?" The two ulema would give no clear answer -- dissembling here, going off on tangents there. Basma remained adamant: Muslim youth were confused, and needed a response, since "there is a certain channel and a certain man who has discussed this issue over twenty times and has received no response from you."

The flustered Sheikh Qutb roared, "low-life people like that must be totally ignored!" and stormed off the set. He later returned, but refused to admit that Islam indeed permits sex-slaves, spending his time attacking Botros instead. When Basma said "Ninety percent of Muslims, including myself, do not understand the issue of concubinage in Islam and are having a hard time swallowing it," the sheikh responded, "You don't need to understand." As for Muslims who watch and are influenced by Botros, he barked, "Too bad for them! If my son is sick and chooses to visit a mechanic, not a doctor -- that's his problem!"

But the ultimate reason for Botros's success is that -- unlike his Western counterparts who criticize Islam from a political standpoint -- his primary interest is the salvation of souls. He often begins and concludes his programs by stating that he loves all Muslims as fellow humans and wants to steer them away from falsehood to Truth. To that end, he doesn't just expose troubling aspects of Islam. Before concluding every program, he quotes pertinent biblical verses and invites all his viewers to come to Christ.

Botros's motive is not to incite the West against Islam, promote "Israeli interests," or "demonize" Muslims, but to draw Muslims away from the dead legalism of sharia to the spirituality of Christianity. Many Western critics fail to appreciate that, to disempower radical Islam, something theocentric and spiritually satisfying -- not secularism, democracy, capitalism, materialism, feminism, etc. -- must be offered in its place. The truths of one religion can only be challenged and supplanted by the truths of another. And so Father Zakaria Botros has been fighting fire with fire.

Muthaship Blogglewanky ~ Please Stand By

Friday, March 21, 2008

Obamanoid Satiricals

A couple more Obamanoid songs for the politically incorrect among us:

One Night in Politics
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Dial 1-900-REA-LITY
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Aloha Snackbar, Your Retreat to Violence!
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To the LGF'ers rolling in, Howdy!


Know anybody interested in lovely squirrels or pet Teacup Chihuahuas?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Winter's End Obamaganza!

This being March 20th, with the Spring Equinox tonight that ends winter and begins the new year with the first day of spring for the whole Earth, here are some Obama-related short recordings, written by Lucius Septimius, BuzzSawMonkey and Stanley Kurtz.

Send them to friends, enemies and Democrats!

Stanley Kurtz's "Obama Gramma"

BuzzsawMonkey's "Obama Grandma"

Lucius Septimius' "You"

BuzzsawMonkey's "Why Do THEY Support ME?"

And the newly-popular "Obama, Working on the Change Gang!"

See you next year!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday Poll

Is this the beginning of the end of Obama's bid for the Presidency?
This is a racist question! free polls

More Pallywood theatre

Gazans build graves for shuttered factories

"GAZA, March 18 (Reuters) - Palestinians inaugurated a symbolic graveyard on Tuesday for factories forced to close by an Israeli blockade that they say is killing jobs."The Main Gaza Cemetery for Factories" contains some 40 graves covered with the Palestinian flags and flowers."The Plastic Tools factory, 190 workers became jobless," the inscription on one headstone reads. "The Print House, 150 workers lost their source of living," reads another."

The rocket factory and suicide bomber factories still appear to be alive and kicking though

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wright Is Wrong, Again!

Jeremiah Was a Pastor!
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Hat Tip to Buzzsawmonkey!

Jeremiah was a pastor
Had a church that was black
He preached fire and brimstone from his pulpit
And white folks are what he'd attack
And he always had a mighty fine attack

Damn the USA
It should pass away
America's mired in original sin
The lack of melanin

He traveled out to Libya
He went with Farrakhan
He's glad to forgive anybody his sins
As long as they're African
As long as they're African

Damn the USA
It should pass away
America's mired in original sin
The lack of melanin

He'll discount individual achievement
His world's bounded by race
He doesn't judge people by their character
But by the color of their face
By the color of their face

Damn America!
It should pass away
America's mired in original sin
The lack of melanin

/more coming! Its gonna be a LONG election cycle!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Jeremiah Wrong!
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Hat Tip Terp Mole

Jeremiah was a Reverend,
“God-damn” was his favorite line.
They’ll never print a single word of what he said
Unless it sells Obama whine.
‘cause liberals love a mighty fine whine.

Sing it:
Bombed Hiroshima!
Bombed Nagasaki!
God-damn American indignity,
Hope Audacity!

If Obama were the king of the world,
I tell you what he'd boost.
He'd throw away the tax cuts and the wars overseas
and bring chickens home to roost.

Sing it now:
Bombed Hiroshima!
Bombed Nagasaki!
God-damn American indignity,
Hope Audacity!
Thin Audacity!
Mighty thin Audacity!

/tell me again this Jeremiah Wright is a 'reverend'...

Obama, Obama, OH!

to the tune of 'Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny!', a rousing election-cycle pick-me-up!

Obama, Obama
How you can sell!
Obama, Obama
You and Michelle

You sell us softest,
blackest soap
And if we tire
of that you sell us change
and hope and then you

Obama, Obama
Please tell me do
What makes you stutter so?

You don't speak well its true
When hard questions hit you,
you just Obama, Obama, oh!

Obama, Obama, Heaven's above
In this hot-contested election
where push comes to shove
You say its not so very strange
Elect you and we get real social change
and that means

Obama, Obama please tell me true
why we suspect you so?
I bend down for the soap
and you sell me more hope
and I Obama, Obama oh!

Obama, Obama OH!
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In Case of O'Reillylanche, break thread

The Hamsters seem to be struggling.

We are the top link at Bill O' today so this may be why

Here's a just in case the muthaship goes blogglewanky thread

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mark! O200 Sunday Morning

To mark this hour, on the hour, Mark!
Drawn from life, Amsterdam, circa 1998

Its Official: LGF Down for the Count!

Welcome, FallBackers and Lizardim!

Post yr comments HERE!

(Graphic is of an entertainer in Pattaya's infamous "Simon Cabaret", walking the dinosaur!)