Friday, March 30, 2007

Bangladesh executes 6 Islamist militants

Bangladesh executes 6 Islamist militants

NEW DELHI: The military-backed government of Bangladesh executed six Islamist militants on Friday for the murder of two judges in a case that has come to signify unusually swift justice. The men confessed in court to the killings in November 2005 because they favor replacing secular law in the country with Islamic sharia law.

The six men were members of the banned group Jamayetul Mujahedeen Bangladesh, or J.M.B.

The group was blamed for a string of bombings and suicide attacks in 2005, raising alarm about the potential for Islamist militancy in Bangladesh, a poor and densely populated country of 140 million people.

The government at the time, headed by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, had come under sustained pressure to rein in militant activity. That government's tenure ended last October, followed by weeks of political violence.

In January, President Iajuddin Ahmed canceled elections set for that month, declared a state of emergency and an army-backed administration took over.

Go Bangladesh!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A return, hopefully the first of many

Thousands of settlers return to vacated West Bank town

HOMESH, West Bank: Ariel Hazani stretched out on a sleeping bag next to a silver pup tent on the same patch of grass where his home once stood in this former Jewish settlement. Around him on Monday, about 2,000 other right-wing activists were also setting up camp for the night.
Like them, he hopes that their gathering will signal the beginning of an official return to the settlement, one of four in the northern West Bank that Israel evacuated over the summer of 2005 together with the Jewish settlements of the Gaza Strip.

The reoccupation, even temporarily, of a destroyed Jewish settlement deep in the West Bank, near Jenin, is an open challenge to a weak Israeli government. How it plays out will be viewed by Palestinians as a sign of whether Israel intends to keep its pledges, or whether settlement activity will continue to proceed unhindered, despite Israel's promises to halt it.

"We are not here to cry," said Batya Danziger, 16, one of the many teenagers who took part in the effort to reach the now desolate Homesh. "We are here to live and build it back up again."

"Hooray, a house!" her friends shouted out in delight as they used palm fronds to fasten a lean-to against one of the few remaining stone walls.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

LGF is down for me at 7pm Pacific Time (10pm EST) on Monday. You too?

I can't access LGF as of 7pm Pacific Standard Time on Monday. Anybody else having problems?


Here's a "just in case " thread
it is 6:53 AM EST
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Islam: Setting the United States up for the fall

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Unity Goverment update; 1 dead, several abducted

Factions clash in Gaza despite unity deal

Members of a Hamas-led police force clashed on Thursday with gunmen loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction in a second straight day of factional fighting since the formation of a unity government.

A 45-year-old man was killed in a separate shooting incident, though it was not immediately clear whether it was factional or clan related.

Palestinians hoped a unity government formed on Saturday between Hamas Islamists and Abbas's secular Fatah faction would end the fighting.

But clashes broke out on Wednesday and spread after a series of abductions.

The most high profile abductee was local Hamas leader Hamdan Assufi, who disappeared on Wednesday. Hamas said it would take "measures" to free the man if Fatah refused to release him. Fatah has not said whether it is holding him.

Did We Just Go Down Again?

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Good Cartoon

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

From FARS (Iran News Service)

I don't read Farsi. Can someone translate this article or advise how to? The last time I checked Google only could translate Farsi to English, not the other way.

Poitiers-Lepanto and Everyone: regarding the "Posted by" names on posts.

Poitiers-Lepanto, you were concerned that someone made a posting that had your name as the "Posted by" name attached to it. I have the answer to that problem: please read the first comment on this thread.

Everyone else should read this too, as it applies to everyone.

Hows that unity government thing working out?

Palestinian factional clash kills 1 in Gaza

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Ahmadinejad To Address United Nations

Hope his U.N. speech works out for him better than this speech he gave recently on a provincial trip to Yazd Province, Iran.

Cox & Forkum Nails it Again

Hat tip: Ma Sands

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I find you can still get to the static pages

"Leftists Supporting the Troops" is =

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Surfin' Sheik is

Mark Steyn Rips CAIR a New One

Drudge Links LGF Post / Effigy of US Soldier Burned at Portland Anti-War Rally

What is this? Somalia?

"Peace Rally" my ass!

Here's the orginal photo slideshow of this disgusting event. Take a flip through...
*UPDATE: KOS'ers say it was all a 'right wing set-up'..

Early Morning Drudge-a-lanche

I can't get back in.

In the meantime,

Here's a topic for discussion

And here's my first new film in 6 months

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


LGF is down again, sorry.
I'll try to nap less often.

In the meantime, here's something from my notebook:

How to find out everything you need to know about a person in just 3 questions:

1) What do you believe in?

Most can not answer that coherently.
Many say :
what do you mean what do I believe in, what do you believe in ?

If you can get even a nominally rational answer to the question
even if you hate the answer
then we go to 2

2) What are you morally obligated to?

This one most people can not answer and you get all sorts of insane answers here

if you can get an answer here that is even remotely viable
even if evil and disagreebable (like, "Jihad" )
you can go to the final question

3) what do you base this on

Most people never get past 1.

But when you are done
you will know the exact depth and breadth of the individual in front of you.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I am the only one?

I am having a problem getting on LGF. Anyone else?

UPDATE: Looks confirmed Charles is down...

UPDATE: UPDATE: As expected, all is back to normal.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Possible Mascot?

What do you Lizards think?


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TEST of pic

I am just trying to post an image, I have no idea of its dimensions in the REAL page.
Apologies if it gets messed up.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali on 'The Colbert Report' Tonight!

The Colbert Report chats with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of Infidel, which Publishers Weekly’s starred review said “delivers a powerful feminist critique of Islam informed by a genuine understanding of the religion.”

Something to talk about:

DEM CHAIR DEAN: 'I am trying to build relationships with other governments in preparation for a Democratic takeover'...

Problems connecting to LGF at 9:13am PST on Thursday

I'm having some difficulties connecting to LGF this morning: Thursday, at 9:13am PST (12:13pm EST). Anyone else having similar problems? I keep timing out before I can connect.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Europe RULES!

The new EU Rules of Engagement: (hat tip JohnCV)

"Here's the rules:

1. 'Natives' are not allowed to riot. Only 'immigrants'.

2. 'Natives' are presumed guilty and will be dealt with harshly when challenging established dogma. 'Immigrants', being of nobler but deprived background, are given every and any excuse for barbaric behavior.

3. 'Natives' will suppress every cultural and ethnic proclivity in order to sustain Evangelical Multiculturalism. 'Immigrants', being required to have a multicultural society, are to have thier culture elevated above the culture of the 'Natives'.

4. Any lack of tolerance by the 'Natives' of the dismantling of thier society by the Evangelical Multiculturalists willl be dealt with by public claims of 'Racism' and 'Intolerance' (mortal sins in E M). Any attacks and intolerance by the 'Immigrants' are praised as justified retribution to the 'Intolerant' 'Native' culture. Such 'Immigrant' intolerance is encouraged by the Evangelical Multiculturalists to demonstrate their superior intellect and disdain for that society that actually provides their sustenance.

Any questions?

Good. Watch closely because we are witnessing something rare in human history - this is how a culture dies."

FallbackLGF Disclaimer

This post is just for the record, but I think it's important that the points made here are perfectly clear.

Here we go with the FallbackLGF Disclaimer:

1. FallbackLGF is in no way associated with or connected to LittleGreenFootballs. It is a completely independent blog.

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3. FallbackLGF is maintained by a coterie of people who like to follow the news on LGF. Each of the posters and commenters here is not individually responsible for the statements or postings made by others on this site.

4. FallbackLGF not only has several admins, but it also allows anonymous comments, open to all, which means that trolls, frolls, mobys, spammers, and former LGFers banned from LGF may appear on the site, unbeknownst to anyone else. We have no control over that, and no one who posts on or comments on this site is responsible for the comments made by others.

5. FallbackLGF exists solely for the purpose of being a place for people to hang out during those unfortunate times when LGF goes offline, either due to visitors overloading the server, or due to technical difficulties. It is not meant to be a controversial site, or to "take sides" in any debate.

6. FallbackLGF is in no way intended as a substitute or rival blog to LGF itself. As if that could even be possible. It generally will only be active when LGF is not active. Most of the posts will be on mundane technical updates (things like, "I haven't been able to access LGF for 45 minutes!"), though on occasion admins may post news-related topics so that people can have something to chat about while waiting for LGF to come back online. These news-related posts are in no way meant to be a substitute for LGF posts.

7. FallbackLGF is a place of good vibes and camaraderie.


Hope everyone is OK with all these points. If not, or if you have suggestions for something to add to the disclaimer, post a comment on this thread. I just thought it was important that everyone know -- friendlies and unfriendlies alike -- that this is not some kind of substitute official LGF site.

Islamo-Thugs Execute Van Riders

In the news this morning, 8 of 10 passengers in a van were shot in the head, point-blank, and 7 died instantly.

The driver was not shot (he's a Muslim) and the survivor clings to life in an ICU in southern Thailand.

"We are murderous barbarians, who consider ourselves the highest and best of humans, charged with a God-given mandate to DOMINATE or ELIMINATE you, the dirty kffir unbelieving ape-pig scum of our Earth!"

they shout, daily.

Do we listen? ARE YOU LISTENING?

"You have NOTHING that we want. We are not fighting to get anything. We are fighting to eliminate you!"
said Jordyptian 3rd-generation-refugee leader Hussein Massawi.

The only Muslim woman in the van had left the group just prior to the attack. The driver, fearing for his life or something, did not speed away, did nothing to stop his fellow Muslims and let the others die!

More as it happens.


LGF is back up

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And in honor of our founder

Anyone who loves zombie movies or sci-fi/horror, I recommend Max Brooks, author of the "The Zombie Survival Guide" and "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War". Just finished WWZ and it was a great book.

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update 1) based on popular requests, something to talk about

Chavez in perspective:


I want to thank Zombie for creating this new blog and BabbaZee for her confidence in me.
I promise I will behave.




Test of the Outraged Spleen

Good Morning Lizardim
Hopefully we will not need this thing today but I am testing my skills with the author bit so here's the test post:

I'm ready to blaze thee

Admin Thread

You do NOT have to be an author to comment in this thread --just please respect the topic, which is administration of this blog. Having said that, I'll move straight to the comments, for business.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Beheadings in Thailand!

(Zombie, THANK YOU for the trust. I'll strive to live up to it.)

Three are killed, one beheaded and 12 injured in Muslim terrorist incidents, and what does the Thai media show?

"Abdullah Barahamae, born armless and legless after his mother used Thalidomide during pregnancy, is shown suffering even more as he views the twisted ashes of the motorized wheelchair that western kffir charities gave to him, and Islamic militants burned last night in Pattani, southern Thailand."

Something seems awry here...

"Anonymous" comments enabled; Authors and password-owners encouraged to start new threads!

Note to the multitudes:

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And those folks who have been invited to be "Authors" of this blog, or who have the password: I encourage you to try posting a new thread of your own here, just so you get the hang of it. A "fire drill" for emergencies, as it were.


OK, lets get this authoring thing going.

Welcome to FallbackLGF

This blog exists for one reason only: as a place where denizens of LittleGreenFootballs can come when LGF is offline, for whatever reason. Hopefully, this won't happen very often, but when it does, LGFers can come here to exchange rumors and reassurances, speculate as to why LGF is offline, and in general get an LGF fix when the "real thing" is otherwise unavailable.

FallbackLGF will be a "group blog": several people will be given the username and password, and anyone will be able to start a new thread here when panic strikes after LGF becomes inaccessible. Please only share the username and password with known and trusted longtime LGFers.

This blog was started by zombie, but I very likely will hand the posting duties over to others, so this may be my first and only post. After this, let the free-for-all begin!