Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sing a New Song, Mr Obama!

Dear Hussein Obama,
In America, the one nation in the world welded into unity by its bloody march through the hell-fire of the American Civil War, there is widespread knowledge of and respect for America's unity in diversity. Its a wonder, a miracle, an oddity that catches attention in all other nations: no matter WHO you are, no matter WHAT race you are, when you walk down off the airplane or ship or bus that brought you to America, YOU ARE American... unless and until YOU declare yourself otherwise, right Mr Obama?

So HOW can it be of benefit to anyone, black or white or brown or green, to sing a 'Black National Anthem' after agreeing to use the time and microphone and audience to sing "The National Anthem"?

Do YOU, Mr Obama, encourage or allow or tacitly agree with this? How can it possibly help anyone, black OR white?

What next, Mr Obama? Singing the Vietnamese-American's "National" anthem? How about the Moldavian Midgets' Metropolitan Anthem? You want to stand not-saluting the American flag while someone sings the Internationale Communist Workers' song?

Because once we pretend that its somehow all right to lift up this race or that race above AMERICA, we're all singing the "Let's Spit on the Sacrifices of Our Forebears" Blues, aren't we, Mr Obama?

And THAT SONG is in the key of dis-harmony, a slow dirge of pain and degradation!