Thursday, July 3, 2008

Obama, We Hope for Change!

Dear Hussein Obama,
As you know from your studies of America and American history, the Democratic Party and American Democrats during the Civil War were calling for 'peace at any price', and were acting generally discourteously and often treasonously.

The American Civil War may have begun over 'States' Rights' (a state's right to continue ENSLAVING humans, mostly black humans), but it developed into a war ON slavery, institutional, theoretical and practical. Democrats demanding 'peace' at any price were pressing for debasement, defeat and continued slavery.

You are in a position today to take a principled stand FOR freedom, FOR responsible enlightenment and FOR personal rights here in America and for men and women enslaved by religious zealots in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

You can lead great numbers of American Democrats to support continued victories and continued positive developments in Iraq. You can build on the sacrifices and achievements that have come from America's efforts in the Middle East.

You can lead Democrats to change from self-victimizing, negative racists to America-loving, freedom-supporting rationalists, intent on securing for others the freedoms which we in America enjoy daily.

Surely THIS would be worthy of you, and worthy of the Americans who hope for such change? Don't repeat the scurrilous, treasonous efforts of Democrats in that earlier conflict... help Americans change to courageous, socialism-rejecting and cooperative individuals, confident in our ability to meet the challenges facing us, with strength, wisdom and courtesy.

You can change, hopefully, Mr Obama.