Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Islamo-Thugs Execute Van Riders

In the news this morning, 8 of 10 passengers in a van were shot in the head, point-blank, and 7 died instantly.

The driver was not shot (he's a Muslim) and the survivor clings to life in an ICU in southern Thailand.

"We are murderous barbarians, who consider ourselves the highest and best of humans, charged with a God-given mandate to DOMINATE or ELIMINATE you, the dirty kffir unbelieving ape-pig scum of our Earth!"

they shout, daily.

Do we listen? ARE YOU LISTENING?

"You have NOTHING that we want. We are not fighting to get anything. We are fighting to eliminate you!"
said Jordyptian 3rd-generation-refugee leader Hussein Massawi.

The only Muslim woman in the van had left the group just prior to the attack. The driver, fearing for his life or something, did not speed away, did nothing to stop his fellow Muslims and let the others die!

More as it happens.