Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Europe RULES!

The new EU Rules of Engagement: (hat tip JohnCV)

"Here's the rules:

1. 'Natives' are not allowed to riot. Only 'immigrants'.

2. 'Natives' are presumed guilty and will be dealt with harshly when challenging established dogma. 'Immigrants', being of nobler but deprived background, are given every and any excuse for barbaric behavior.

3. 'Natives' will suppress every cultural and ethnic proclivity in order to sustain Evangelical Multiculturalism. 'Immigrants', being required to have a multicultural society, are to have thier culture elevated above the culture of the 'Natives'.

4. Any lack of tolerance by the 'Natives' of the dismantling of thier society by the Evangelical Multiculturalists willl be dealt with by public claims of 'Racism' and 'Intolerance' (mortal sins in E M). Any attacks and intolerance by the 'Immigrants' are praised as justified retribution to the 'Intolerant' 'Native' culture. Such 'Immigrant' intolerance is encouraged by the Evangelical Multiculturalists to demonstrate their superior intellect and disdain for that society that actually provides their sustenance.

Any questions?

Good. Watch closely because we are witnessing something rare in human history - this is how a culture dies."