Wednesday, March 14, 2007

FallbackLGF Disclaimer

This post is just for the record, but I think it's important that the points made here are perfectly clear.

Here we go with the FallbackLGF Disclaimer:

1. FallbackLGF is in no way associated with or connected to LittleGreenFootballs. It is a completely independent blog.

2. FallbackLGF was not created by, nor is it maintained by, Charles Johnson of LGF. Nothing that is said here or happens here has any relevence to him. Charles Johnson can in no way be held responsible for the statements of any of the commenters or posters on this site, as he has no control over it.

3. FallbackLGF is maintained by a coterie of people who like to follow the news on LGF. Each of the posters and commenters here is not individually responsible for the statements or postings made by others on this site.

4. FallbackLGF not only has several admins, but it also allows anonymous comments, open to all, which means that trolls, frolls, mobys, spammers, and former LGFers banned from LGF may appear on the site, unbeknownst to anyone else. We have no control over that, and no one who posts on or comments on this site is responsible for the comments made by others.

5. FallbackLGF exists solely for the purpose of being a place for people to hang out during those unfortunate times when LGF goes offline, either due to visitors overloading the server, or due to technical difficulties. It is not meant to be a controversial site, or to "take sides" in any debate.

6. FallbackLGF is in no way intended as a substitute or rival blog to LGF itself. As if that could even be possible. It generally will only be active when LGF is not active. Most of the posts will be on mundane technical updates (things like, "I haven't been able to access LGF for 45 minutes!"), though on occasion admins may post news-related topics so that people can have something to chat about while waiting for LGF to come back online. These news-related posts are in no way meant to be a substitute for LGF posts.

7. FallbackLGF is a place of good vibes and camaraderie.


Hope everyone is OK with all these points. If not, or if you have suggestions for something to add to the disclaimer, post a comment on this thread. I just thought it was important that everyone know -- friendlies and unfriendlies alike -- that this is not some kind of substitute official LGF site.